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Primary Health Care Project
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 Reorganization of health care delivery system with an increased emphasis on primary health care (PHC) and disease-prevention in policlinics is a problem of main priority for Ministry of Health and Social Development of the RF.
The international Project on Support to the Development of a System of Primary Health Care Facilities at Federal and Municipal level in the Russian Federation that started in January 2006 is focused on solving this problem. 
The main objective of the project is to prepare the model and the methodology for PHC provision based on polyclinics and to increase disease-prevention activity. The project will continue during 42 months; it will be finished in June 2009.

The main goals of the project:
1. Primary health care policy development. Previous international projects prove that the success in reorganization of health care system depends on appropriate policy coordinated with all interested parties (legislative and executive authorities of all levels, health authorities, expert and professional organizations, etc.).
2. Elaboration of well-functioning PHC model and prevention services. Well-functioning PHC means services that meet people’s needs. Expectations of citizens as consumers of medical services will be taken into account when planning in order to provide really available PHC of high quality in cities and other settlements. 
3. Improvement of professional skills of specialists and development of professional organizations. Special attention will be paid to human resource development, in particular, to improvement of professional skills of district physicians. Several training programs and materials are being prepared for this purpose.
4. Data exchange development. Low level of data exchange in policlinics brings to isolation of single operations and decreases their effectiveness. Data exchange system will help to solve this problem. 

The project works in two pilot sites: Tyumen and Lipetsk regions. Health care professionals and administrators, professional organisations working in the field of PHC, and the population of pilot regions take an active part in the project. The partner of the project is Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia. 

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